Banning Anwar from UM demonstrates lack of academic freedom

31 Oct 2014 The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) is concerned with the measures taken by Universiti Malaya (UM) to ban and stop a 27 Oct 2014 event planned by the Student Council entitled “40 Years: From Universiti Malaya to Jail”. The event, where Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was scheduled to speak, was [...]

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Denial of permit for Malaysiakini arbitrary and unconstitutional

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) is concerned with the continuing watering down of the amendments of the Printing Presses and Publications Act, which aimed to make the granting of a publication license a purely administrative matter. By denying long-running news organisation a publication permit for a daily newspaper, the Ministry does not appear [...]

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Malaysia slips in global rankings of internet freedom

Malaysia’s internet freedom has worsened in a Freedom House study of 47 countries in the latest Freedom on the Net 2012: A Global Assessment of Internet and Digital Media. In the report released on 24 Sept, 2012, Malaysia was identified as one of the countries at risk of further decline due to new restrictive laws such as recent amendments to the Evidence Act, and the prevalence of acts such as cyber attacks on prominent news websites and Opposition-linked sites, and the arrest of bloggers.

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M’sian, Egyptian groups want UN to hold their gov’ts accountable for Hamza Kashgari’s deportation

The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) and the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) denounce in the strongest terms the Malaysian and Saudi authorities’ blatant disregard for due process and international norms in the secret rendition of Saudi journalist Hamza Kashgari. Kashgari, wanted by the Saudi authorities for tweets which allegedly insulted Islam and Prophet Muhammad, was deported by the Malaysian authorities on 12 February 2012.

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Freedom House study finds mounting threats to Internet freedom

Cyberattacks, politically motivated censorship, and government control over internet infrastructure are among the diverse and growing threats to internet freedom, according to Freedom on the Net 2011: A Global Assessment of Internet and Digital Media,a new study released today by Freedom House.

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Digital Security Workshop for Journalists & Bloggers, 14 October 2014

What are the risks and challenges that journalists, bloggers and reporters face in Malaysia? As media platforms increasingly converge and the boundaries blur between online and offline journalism and reporting, what are some of the digital security risks that are emerging? How can we improve our communications practices to better protect ourselves? This 1-day Digital [...]

Evidence Act Section114a FAQs

An Amendment to the Evidence Act has recently been passed through parliament. Curious to know more?

Fweet for press freedom!

On World Press Freedom Day, show your support and make your voices heard in a Fweet (Facebook and Twitter!) in 3 steps.

Personal data = private property or the new commodity?

In conjunction with Data Privacy Day on 28 Jan 2011, we held a public forum to raise awareness of the increasing threat to privacy with regard to personal information, and the lack of protection in Malaysia although Parliament recently passed the Data Protection Act. Funnily enough, the day after the forum, reportedly 1.5 million Malaysians received a surprise text message or e-greeting from the prime minister, underscoring one of the conclusions in our forum – how the collusion between business and State undermines the power of the individual to protect their data.